LineLock. Lightshows. remapping.


Everything we have to offer in one small package.


TaZer but with shift firmness.


  • 5 star review  I will like to really appreciate Z Automotive for the Nice Customer Service and Super Fast Shipping Thanks �

    thumb Soto Francisco

    Outstanding customer service, fast shipping and this little thing is Amazing! Definitely buy one if you're thinking about it, you won't be dissapointed

    thumb Mike Billone

    5 star review  absolutely amazing! great customer service great product totally worth it

    thumb Wayne Lee Holman
  • 5 star review  Got my Tazer when I bought my first Mopar, a 2014 Chrysler 300S v6. Then got the crazy idea to supercharge it and a few months later, I put the Tazer to more use: burnouts!!!!! And the SRT pages. Great job Z Automotive! And the support is superb. Love it!

    thumb Jay Rodriguez

    5 star review  Text a question, get an answer. Product has more options than are even listed. Best upgrade for the price you can do on a challenger. I wish more companies were as good as these guys. Product, service & usefulness= A+

    thumb Justin Herron

    5 star review  World class customer service and awesome products.

    thumb Erwin Fruehauf
  • 5 star review  I am not going to even try to make a list. just read the current settings list. And it gets new features with every update. Just order it even 8f you are just now thinking of buying a new Modern Mopar. If you already have the car, you should have ordered it yesterday.

    thumb Bob Nuvus

    5 star review  These guys have FANTASTIC customer service. MJ spent 4-5 hours on my computer trying to download the the programming utility. It was around 2 am that I decided to just buy a new computer the when Best Buy opened. The zpu downloaded on the new computer and worked flawlessly. This is much needed for your modern mopar

    thumb Dewayne Cantrell

    5 star review  This company is the best around for anything Mopar!! The TaZer is truly a godsend!! Customer service is top notch, The products are worth the price and so are the results!!

    thumb Chris Hesano
  • 5 star review  Love there products there the best......And work great......

    thumb J.P. Smith

    5 star review  Received and installed my TazerJL on 4/23/18. Love it! Aside from my original practical purchase reason of needing the tire size modified, by the way be sure to update to the latest firmware for additional settings accessible to modify, I found a few others I wanted to modify in regards to lighting and alerts (fog and drl drops, weather alerts, TPMS mins, etc) this beauty has paid for itself already! Time and MPG will for sure provide the proof but any tweaks can be easily and conveniently done as needed now! And the light shows...icing on the cake! The ease of programming via the console as well as enabling the light shows via my FOB are definitely a WIN! Now if I could only figure out some cool ass custom light show programming! LOL Thanks Z!

    thumb Dean Mongeon

    5 star review  Had issues with the 2.4.1 unmarry causing the vehicle bcm to go all crazy (awd, acc, dynamic suspension.) the customer service received to resolve the issue was more than satisfactory. Now running 2.4.3 with no issues. Thank you again for all the help.

    thumb Zakkre Tardiff
  • I want to take a minute to thank Matt West for the AWESOME customer service! We were in a bind and went through our last 5 double bypass modules before we could order replacements. Matt not only sold me his personal unit he met me part way to deliver it to me! An hour later when I was having issues getting it working he drove to our shop and determined that one of the Star connector ports in this customers car was bad. Absolutely excellent service and a really cool guy to talk with. Thanks Matt and thanks Zautomotive for great devices!

    thumb Mike Doban

    4 star review  Got my Tazer in took forever to figure it out because I didn't have any instructions but once I got it in it's amazing.

    thumb Bobby Walker

    5 star review  The Tazer is an awesome product. Definitely a must have.

    thumb Eric Kazmierczak

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