11.0.6 – LATEST UPDATE – 8/20/18:  Live menu additions: AutoPark disable and TurnCam (rear camera on with turn signals).  Settings menu, added PanicButton disable.  Fixed Aux button enable.  Fixed ESS disable to engage quicker and reliably.  If marry/unmarry is ignored by BCM, will now say “try again” instead of “FAIL”.

11.0.3 – 5/18/18: Added sway bar disconnect in 2WD, split “other” into “off-road” and “other” submenus, Added one-touch lane change on/off, EPS delete, Seat belt ding disable, fixed force camera so blind spot isn’t affected (from 11.0.2), improved R/W routines

11.0.2 – 5/9/18: Added full time rear/front camera input use
Added Halo and LED front turn settings
Fix for Nav In Motion on/off

11.0.1 – 4/19/18: Added Line Lock/Rock Crawl/Winch modes
Added Sway Bar, Locker, Front Axle, splash settings
Fixed Nav In Motion

11.0.0 – 3/29/18: Original release.

Download Z Automotive Programming Utility Here! *NEEDED FOR UPDATE