11.0.8 –  – 2/28/19: Corrected tire size selections that were out of order in the beta release.  Fixed the ESSKill/TracKill to be reliable.  Added DTCM option in “off road” settings to cover more axle swap choices.  Unmarry from previous version before upgrading.

11.0.7j – Beta release – 2/14/19:  Instructions for Beta Here –  Added LED Headlight option.  Added Halo BCM output to Halo on/off function.  Corrected ESSKill and TracKill so they work reliably and quickly.  Fixed locker pop-up on startup.  Added many safeties for going to sleep no matter what mode it’s in when the Jeep is turned off.  Tweaked TurnCam for better reliability.  Fixed Marry/Unmarry function to not display “try again” message, as it will automatically re-try and succeed.  Made changes to Nav In Motion to reduce reboots after startup.

11.0.7h – Beta release – 1/30/19:  Instructions for Beta Here –  ESS Kill and TracKill removed from live options, now will remember last state when shut down.  Lowered sleep current from 38mA to 7mA.  Added ParkSense options.  Corrected some display functions.  Stability fixes.

11.0.7e – Beta release – 12/14/18:  Instructions for Beta Here –  Locker control in any mode, even front locker only.  Full Traction/ABS/ESP kill.  Sway bar kill at any speed.  Cruise button remapping.  Hood alarm. Updates to LED options, FAD can be deleted while Lockers and 4×4 display still work.

11.0.6 – 8/20/18:  Live menu additions: AutoPark disable and TurnCam (rear camera on with turn signals).  Settings menu, added PanicButton disable.  Fixed Aux button enable.  Fixed ESS disable to engage quicker and reliably.  If marry/unmarry is ignored by BCM, will now say “try again” instead of “FAIL”.

11.0.3 – 5/18/18: Added sway bar disconnect in 2WD, split “other” into “off-road” and “other” submenus, Added one-touch lane change on/off, EPS delete, Seat belt ding disable, fixed force camera so blind spot isn’t affected (from 11.0.2), improved R/W routines

11.0.2 – 5/9/18: Added full time rear/front camera input use
Added Halo and LED front turn settings
Fix for Nav In Motion on/off

11.0.1 – 4/19/18: Added Line Lock/Rock Crawl/Winch modes
Added Sway Bar, Locker, Front Axle, splash settings
Fixed Nav In Motion

11.0.0 – 3/29/18: Original release.

Download Z Automotive Programming Utility Here! *NEEDED FOR UPDATE