2.4.4i – 02/04/19 (Beta release)


  • Added DarkMode to live features to kill all exterior lights (when not in motion)
  • Added Windows up/down from keyfob (lock 6x = up, unlock 6x or unlock unlock hold = down)
  • Fixed Aux video switching for UAS/UAQ radio, now can control front camera too.
  • Changed Full Reboot to not include ABS system, so tire size changes on Durango and GC will now work.
  • Added Drive mode memory options for Trackhawk
  • Added ForceAWD to button remap options
  • Tire size adjustment now in inches tire height.
  • Fixed PeakRPM function.
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements
  • No need to unmarry if upgrading from 2.4.3

2.4.3 – 03/08/18


  • Added TravelLink disable
  • Changed to submenu structure
  • Added Cluster Swap code
  • Fixed InMotionNav and Aux Videos
  • Added coverage for radio swaps
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements
  • No need to unmarry if upgrading from 2.4.1 or 2.4.2

2.4.2 – 02/05/18


  • Added Cargo Camera input on uconnect
  • Added Boost Gauge
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements

2.4.1 – 11/30/17


  • One touch return to stock – Download Factory settings to your tazer, for one-touch return to stock configurations
  • Auto-Drive Mode (16+ SCAT/SRT/HELLCAT): Vehicle will be able to start in whichever Drive mode selection you would like (Sport/Custom/Track/Default
  • Auto- Drive mode (15+ SXT/RT): Vehicle will be able to start in Sport Mode
  • Auto-Drive Mode (12+ Durango/Jeep GC):  vehicle will be able to start in sport mode/auto turn traction control off
  • Auto Start/Stop Disable (15+ Durango/ Jeep GC) : Completely disable Auto Start/Stop
  • Modify Tire Size: Corrects speedometer for non-factory tire size
  • Modify Tire Pressure: Corrects TPMS for lower or higher tire pressure (FRONT/Rear)
  • IN-Motion (2017) – Enter address into your gps unit while the car is in motion
  • Easy Exit Seating (2015+ Challenger/Charger): upon vehicle shut off. Steering wheel and seat will go to further position for easy vehicle exit
  • Updated Button Mapping: COOL DOWN MODE Now added to button mapping feature / Drive Modes to work even with eco mode on*
  • Line lock update (16+ Scat/SRT/HELLCAT): Vehicle Will automatically go into custom drive mode once line lock is released
  • Added a “full reboot” option which does a sequence of module reboots for setting to take effect right away
  • (plus all changes from 2.3.2)


  • Warnings Added – Vehicle Must be set to run position or “Key Not On” will appear on evic screen
  • Reboot on config menu exit – Auto reboot modules upon exiting config menu, this is to prevent from vehicle battery consumption
  • Light Show Fixes:
    • more reliable key fob activation
    • Reliable Light show transitions – Prevents blank show from running
    • Automatically disables un-configured custom light shows
    • Durango/Ram – Turn Signals now active on instrument cluster
  • Line lock / Force RWD  update- Reliability of line lock/ Forced RWD  update

2.3.2 – 10/05/17

  • Correction to TPMS on some cars you could disable it, but not re-enable it (usually specific to 2017 cars)
  • Drive Mode Settings: Updated there are now 3 settings -ScatPack-SRT-OFF
  • Clear CEL fixed
  • Module Reboot – This feature allows the reset the key modules in the vehicle
  • One step reset – Once configurations are done. Select firmware version and it’ll reset radio for current configurations to get loaded

2.3.1 – 06/05/17: Added remapped custom/sport/track drive modes for 16/17 scat packs.

2.3.0 – 06/02/17: Added cooldown mode for Hellcat – fan only, IC pump only, or both with fans low or high
improved fan control to go past the 4-minute limit
decreased fan and light show low battery threshold from 11.0V to 10.8V
A fix for invoking sport mode in base model 15-17

2.2.9 – 03/13/17: Added engine fan control for Hellcat
Changed TPMS to 3 versions; NONE, BASE, and PREMIUM, so either type of system can be disabled
Change Drive Mode setting so it’ isn’t combined with the ECO screen button; better for 2017’s
Changed ECO setting so it enables the function itself and the radio button; better for 2017’s
Added SWS (steering wheel shifting) back on for NAG1’s – accidentally removed this in 2.2.8
Added 0-30, 0-60 times for Jeep Grand Cherokees – the non- Srt’s can now have the timers in the dash like the Durango’s
Sped up the response time when scrolling through the Tazer setup menu
Fixed the light show from latching up if the custom light shows are uninitialized
Automatically disables the custom light shows if they’re not programmed to do anything
Corrected the remap function for those with ACC so they only remap when ACC is off (was Durango only in 2.2.7/8)

2.2.8 – 12/14/16: Added the button remapping (same options as the aux buttons) for the SPORT button
Added ability to turn TPMS on and off in tazer setup menu
Added ability to change DRL type(US/Canada/none) and which lights to use
Added ability to turn engine fans on demand when ignition on, engine off (right arrow and cruise cancel)
Fixed light show selection so it loops correctly using whichever are enabled in ZPU
Added button press to exit the setup menu (left button + cruise right)
Code clean-up

2.2.7 – 11/02/16: Now 3 custom light shows, added support for ZPU 1.4.7 for configuration of the 3 shows, save/load from file, exclude shows, etc.
Added Launch as an option for the aux/ACC button remapping
Corrected some Durango light show stuff
ACC button remapping only live when ACC is off

2.2.6 – 10/05/16: Added a method to reset the system in case of a dash/shifter non-shut down after a config change (left/cruise on/off while on firmware screen)
Changed the custom light shows, made 2 and they’re more configurable
sped up the light shows
Added mappable buttons for the ACC buttons or “aux” button set. As of now, they’re always live. Will make them de-activate when ACC is on in a future release.

2.2.5 – 08/16/16: Functionally the same as 2.2.4, but fixes an issue where changing settings in the settings menu too quickly can result in a configuration corruption.

2.2.4 – 07/07/16: Fixed in-motion nav for pre-2015’s. Corrected an issue where screen would go black in reverse when in-motion nav was enabled
Fixed Scat/SRT steering setting for Charger scat packs that are enabling SRT modes
Improved video support
Added Eco mode
Added EVIC splash screen selection
Added light show quick-enable
Added custom show ability (show 7)
Added light show starting show selection in ZPU

2.2.2 – 04/05/16: Added In Motion Nav (live feature) for 2011-2016
Added Video select – backup cam, VES in, Aux in (requires video to be wired in) (RA3/4 only)
video select from EVIC screen or by double-tapping MUTE
Added CD/DVD button to radio as an audio source to go with the video (RA3/4 only)
Added Seat belt ding disable/enable
Changed radio reset after config change; so settings take effect quicker
Added Scat Pack/SRT steering modes (so that Scat Pack owners can get SRT’s track steering)

2.2.0 – 11/09/15: Added a 6th light show
Fixed an ESP on/off looping issue after using line lock on 2011-2014 Charger/300
Removed “FullDIM” option
Added “FogDrop” option, to allow fog lights to remain on when hi beams in use

2.1.9 – 09/24/15: Added light show from keyfob
Added dash turn indicators to the light show, so that if you’re in the car you can tell if it’s on!!
Changed Line Lock implementation to release quicker when releasing button during burnout
Make Traction Control go to “sport” after using line lock
Add sport mode to 2015’s that don’t come with sport mode (press ESP off and Back at the same time)
Added DrvTrans option for 2015’s that don’t have transmission sport setting in the performance pages
Changed the EVIC menu so that 2015-only setting won’t show up in 2011-2014
Removed NavInMo from 2011-2013 as the car doesn’t support that function (either does 2015 at the moment)
Added a load of code for capturing vehicle config files – works only with ZPU 1.3.9
Fixed sleep function for proper shutdown

2.1.8 – 09/17/15: Added support for new ZPU 1.3.7 for detecting it’s a tazer or tranzformer,
Added light show configuration menu in ZPU
Fixed button presses so Auto upshift RPM and shift firmness can be set by steering wheel buttons

2.1.7 – 08/27/15: Added 5 new light shows
Fixed light shows so they turn off properly
Fixed sleep function so it stays awake on USB for updates
Added Jeep and Durango support
Added new ZPU capabilities framework

2.1.6 – 07/17/15: Mostly new features for 2015’s, but the light show will work on all 2011+
Added: DRL Dropout Disable
Add Drive Modes
Add Super Track Pak
Add Rear Camera Grid Lines
Add Factory Shift Light
New LightShow feature

2.1.5 – 06/17/15: Combined support for 2011-14 and 2015 Charger/challenger.
Changed line lock to 2 buttons to activate.
Added force AWD to RWD or AWD.
Made line lock keep traction control at bay until car stops once a burnout starts.
Added FullDim mode (Interior lights can be turned off fully when you dial the dimmer knob all the way down).
Made the menus a little smarter, so they don’t show 0-30/0-60 in 2012+ since sport pages have that, and force AWD only shows for AWD cars.

2.1.4 – 06/11/15: Added 2015 Challenger Line Lock. Has not been tested on 2011-2014, and brings nothing new to those. (line lock didn’t work on 2011-2014 in this version)

2.1.3 – 05/24/15: Added: Enable Fog lights
Enable BAckup Camera
Enable InMotion Nav
Enable sport mode for 8 speed
Enable Line Lock in Drive

2.1.1 – 02/13/15: Added: Full ESP on/off
Line Lock
SRT performance page unlock (2012-2014)
Sport Mode unlock (2012-2014)
Paddle shifter enable (2012-2014)
SRT EVIC pages unlock (2012-2014)
other improvements and bug fixes

2.0.3 – 01/12/15: Fixed issue on some cars where ESP button twice wasn’t turning tranzformer shift kit function on/off

2.0.1 – 06/27/14: Original release.

Download Z Automotive Programming Utility Here! *NEEDED FOR UPDATE